FERTIL - Fertilizers

FERTIL offers a whole range of fertilisers: soluble, coated with progressive release, or even liquid based on urea formaldehyde.

They are fertilisers adapted to anyone’s’ needs: they can be used for green spaces, containers cultures or culture on open soils and even for turfs, etc.

If you need any more information on the products, please take a look at its descriptive document below each introduction or write to us directly!

Engrais solubles


It was created by the German company called PLANTA. They have been the leader on the German soluble fertilisers market for 30 years.

FERTIL is the only distributor in France and we selected for you 4 formulas relevant to satisfy many requirements.


PLANT-PROD, the gold standard for soluble fertilisers

Its good reputation lies on:

  •    Speed to dissolute
  •    High concentration
  •    Composition constancy
  •    Perfect solubility
  •    Low salinity

Engrais enrobés à libération progressive


NUTRICOTE has a very low sensibility to leaching and our studies aimed at a very smooth liberation for mineral elements.

Nowadays, as well the producers as the flowering managers are seeking competitive and quality prices, which can be used within an ecological and environment friendly approach.  Our product is the solution to these questions.


Discover the two formulas of our new 100% coated fertiliser, TOPCOTE.

Our 100% coated fertiliser will give you a very good price-quality ratio and it can be procured by diferent formulas according to your activities. TOPCOTE will bring you versatility and security, packaged with 45 bags of 25kg each.

Engrais retard à base d'urée formaldéhyde (UF)


Discover our slow-release fertiliser, FERTILTOP.

It is a range of slow-release fertiliser that has a high nutritive elements content. This product can last you from 2 to 4 months depending on the use and is very effective on plantations, massifs and green spaces.

Most of all, he has the advantage to ajust to any cultures, as well nurseries as open-soil cultures. For more application recomendation or information, please refer to the document below!